Fill out W-9 form 2021 online

IRS Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification is a
standard document, which is used to report income paid to independent
contractors, freelancers, vendors, interest recipients, heirs, etc. It doesn’t
include any information about payments that were made but delivers such
essential data as TIN, entity type and legal name.

Our website is aimed to help recipients with the form. You’ll not only
receive all the information you’ll need, but you’ll also get aid on filling the
blank online. We offer tools to submit the document electronically with

What is a W-9 form used for and
who has to fill it?

The document is used by companies and individuals to obtain TIN, name,
entity type and other data from:

  1. Freelancers and independent contractors that
    received $600 or more for their services during a tax year.
  2. Property tenants that rent apartment/house with a
    security deposit.
  3. Individuals and companies, which receive interest
    or any other financial income.
  4. Heirs who get a taxable or non-taxable
  5. Bank clients that open a new account or update the
    existing one.

All the data gathered is then used by companies to complete one of the
multiple 1099 forms. You’ll get one of its copies at the beginning of a new tax

You don’t have to fill the blank if you work as a full-time employee and don’t receive income other than your monthly wages. Use W-4 instead. Don’t send the blank to unfamiliar inquiry sources, cause your data may be used for fraud purposes.

instruction on filling W-9 blank 2021

Use the following guide to complete all the fields correctly.

Step № What to do Details
1. Enter your legal and business name on lines 1 and 2 Use the one from your ITX on item 1 and your trade name on item 2 (if it’s different from the first one).
2. Choose entity type Check the appropriate box on line 3. If you’re LLC, also choose the company type (C-corporation, S-corporation or Partnership).
3. Enter exemption and FACTA codes (if any) In most cases individuals should leave this part blank. You’ll find codes in document instructions, if required.
4. Give your full address on lines 5 and 6 It includes number, street, apartment, city, state and ZIP code.
5. Item 7 and requester’s information are optional You can use this data, in case it was provided by the requester.
6. Give your TIN TIN is Social Security Number for individuals, Employer Identification number for companies and ITIN for residents alien.
7. Sign the blank and put a current date You can print it or just sign W-9 2021 online with e-signature.

The last step is to file the document. Use a secure email to do it
electronically or a trustworthy post service to send a hard copy. You can also
deliver it hand-to-hand on your own.

You shouldn’t send the document to the Internal Revenue Service.
Just file it back to the requester. IRS will get all the essential information via 1099-MISC in the end.

W-9 template with

See the image below to understand how to use the above-mentioned step-by-step instructions on practice. Complete your paper according to the example using your own information from ITX, Social Security Card etc.

Usually, the requester will provide you with the blank to fill. If not,
just download W-9 2021 on our
website. You’ll find the link at the beginning of the page. You can be 100%
sure that the document version is the latest one. Moreover, we’ll help you fill
it electronically and send to the requester.

to fill W-9 editable form?

Paperwork requires some time and it’s way faster to complete the document online. You’ll need fillable W-9 PDF for that. It’s available for download on our website at the beginning of the page. The inquirer may provide you with it too.

We’ll also help you fill all the fields correctly and sign the paper
with the digital signature. Then just send the form back to the requester via
protected email service. Never file it to the Internal Revenue Service.

to get printable W-9 form 2021?

If you need a hard copy to send to the requester, just go upwards on the page and download it. Then print it online on the site. You may obtain any number of printable W-9 forms 2021 you require. You can use all the instructions above to complete the blank and get additional help from us if you need. The last step is to sign it with your signature and put a current date. The most reliable way is to deliver the blank hand-to-hand, but trustworthy post service will also be a secure option.

Be attentive when you complete all the fields. When you fill
everything offline, any mistake may lead to the fact that you’ll have to use a
new hard copy and do the whole task from the beginning.


IRS has set a range of penalties for the ones, who failed to give the
correct data on the form W9 2021 or just ignored it. Here are all the possible fines:

  1. You’ve not furnished your TIN or it’s incorrect.
    This will lead to backup withholding status with 24% tax withheld from all
    future payments and a fine of $50 for each case.
  2. Other crucial data is incorrect. You’ll pay a $500
  3. You willfully falsified Certification. This will
    lead to criminal penalties up to imprisonment.
  4. The requester misused your information. It’ll be
    the reason for civil and/or criminal penalties for him.

IRS Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification is an
official paper that is used to control taxation of individuals who work
independently and companies that offer services. It has to be filed to the
inquirer before 1090-MISC will be issued. Our website is aimed to help you
complete the blank fast and with no mistakes. You’ll have our aid on sending it
to the requester too.

What happens if you don’t submit W-9

According to US laws, the individual contributors, who refuse to furnish proper IRS-issued forms or give wrong information, face serious risks of being punished.

What happens when the subcontractor provides incorrect information? The IRS uses special matching software to make sure that the taxpayer’s name, address, TIN, SSN match their database and are correct. In case if some details do not match, the IRS representative sends a letter to the employer and the company representative then contacts the individual contributor regarding the incorrect info. So if the subcontractor makes a typo while filling out a blank and sends the document with some wrong data, he/she will get a chance to correct all the typos and supply the IRS with valid details.