How to fill out W-9 form using online resources?

The electronic version of the document has the same force as the paper form. Here taxpayers must enter reliable data, as well as update as life circumstances change (marriage, divorce, payment of alimony, and maintenance of dependents, start working as individual).

Filling out the W-9 Online: The Requirements

Using the instructions of how to fill out W-9 form, it will not take you long to fill out the blank online. Note the e-sample should:

  • the resident filling out the PDF document is the person specified in the blank, an investment advisor or representing a broker;
  • meet the accompanying documents or forms;
  • have a paper counterpart;
  • have an electronic signature of the person designated as a freelancer / independent contractor.

Electronic Signature Requirements

Electronic signature implies responsibility for the provision of knowingly false information. Signature can be put using updated programs, as well as downloaded from digital media.

Who can fill out the W-9 form online?

Today, online tax reporting opportunities are increasingly being used by freelancers who create W-9 as employee. They can work in one city, while the employer can be in another. However, the law does not say anything about restrictions for any groups of taxpayers who cannot use the Internet to submit reports. In other words, even for teenager it will be advisable to take advantage of innovations and file out W-9 2021 via Internet.