Form W-9 download for free

If you’re a self-employed individual and you’ve received more than $600 during the year from a certain client, you’ll be asked to fill out the Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification. On this document you’ll have to provide your legal name, TIN and some other crucial information.

How to download W-9 form for free?

You can easily get the blank you need. Here are the ways to obtain it:

Where to find?What you’ll receive?
On our websiteA printable blank or an editable W-9 and the tools to complete the document online and certify it with your digital signature.
In the email you’ve received from the requesterOnly the blank. Your clients won’t always provide you with the paper to fill.
On IRS official websiteOnly a PDF form.
How to download W9 form free

W-9 download on our site is not only free, but it also guarantees you’ll receive the latest 2021 printable or electronic W-9 with all the recent changes and the most current information. You can check what version of the paper you have right on the blank in the upper left corner on page 1.

Current version W-9 form 2021
Current W-9 form blank

When should you complete the blank? What are the deadlines?

You should always make sure the requester has legal rights to ask you provide a W-9. You’ll have to provide the form in such cases:

  • a certain client has paid you $600 or more during the tax year;
  • you’ve made direct sales that exceed $5000;
  • a financial institution pays you dividends, interests etc;
  • you’ve inherited property;
  • you open a new bank account;
  • you rent property that requires a security deposit.

There are no strict deadlines on the document, but you’re obliged to submit it before the requester will have to issue 1099 form to report all the payments to you to the IRS. It’s January the 31st if a paper version is used. In case of electronic submission it’s March the 31st.