How to fill out the W-9 tax form

Self-employed U.S. citizens and U.S. resident aliens have to complete a W-9. It is requested by your clients in order for them to report to the Internal Revenue Service the amount of money they paid you. It is needed only for business-to-business relationships where at least 600$ is paid in the recent year.

What you should include

You must include your name (it must match with the one on your tax return), business name (in case you have it), federal tax classification, state, city, address (street, house, and apartment number, if needed), ZIP code, TIN, your signature and date.

Filling out Taxpayer Identification Number

Can I use my social security number on W-9? Yes, in case you’re an individual or a sole proprietor. Most people filling it out belong to this category. Can I complete a W-9 without a social security number? If you have a business with employers, you need to use an employer identification number (EIN) instead of SSN.

Completing W-9 form online

You may complete the W-9 tax form online from every state – from Texas to NYS. There is a typable form on sites like pdffiller and smallpdf.