When is it Necessary to Request a W-9 Copy with a TIN?

In some special circumstances, the IRS or the employer may request a copy of W-9 digital or hard format. It can be ascribed to the financial audits or other categories of analysis. This review aims to tell how to get W-9 copy and help various kinds of vendors fill out the paperwork correctly.

Cases in Which a Copy is Requested

This document may be required in the event of numerous tax inspections. The most frequent occasions are listed in the following table.

Type of Control Inspected Item
On-site and off-site audits   Records made within the specified period
Day-to-day record The correctness of the presented details
Cross-audit   Trail records
Financial inspection Evaluation of the final accounts

If the situation is urgent, try to provide a W-9 copy with a TIN as soon at the earliest moment.

Suggestions for Business

  1. Validate the essential data. Make sure you have an electronic version.
  2. Get a free printable copy on the corresponding section of the government agency website.
  3. Enter the required details: legal name and address, entity, EIN
  4. Put the signature on the document and direct it to the requestor.

W-9 guidelines for the Self-Employed Workers

  1. Verify the information. Check if you possess the digital variant.
  2. Go to the revenue service web page and print off a blank copy of the document.
  3. Fill in your name, address, Tax Identification Number, and the contact info.
  4. Sign the completed paperwork and send it to the addressee.

It is possible to complete the data online and forward the file to the requester via email. But if the paper format is required, print that out and deliver it by letter.