W9 – who need to complete?

Form W-9 is designed for freelancers and other specialists who work by contracts and must pay taxes by themselves. When you work full time, it is the responsibility of employers to pay all taxes due for you. But what if you are under a contract or individual contracts? Then you yourself are ought to do this. At the same time, using this blank, you regularly inform your contractors of the necessary information about the payment of all taxes due. This may save you from paying excessive amounts.

Who should write in W-9?

Downloadable W-9 form is intended for freelancers, independent contractors, and consultants. You should use it if you have earned more than $ 600 this year without being hired as an employee. Blank 2021 W-9 printable and easy to fill. At the same time, signing the W-9 does not depend on what kind of job you are doing.

How many W-9 blanks do I need to write in?

You must fill out a PDF list for each employer from whom you received payment during the year. When agreeing on another job, be sure to coordinate your status with the employer and specify who will be responsible for paying taxes.

What information will need to be provided?

You will need to download free and print a special pdf blank and write in all the necessary fields:

  • name;
  • business name;
  • federal tax classification;
  • your full address;
  • all data about your accounts;
  • taxpayer identification number.

Please pay attention to fill out all fields line by line. If you are a freelancer, it is your responsibility to fill out everything neatly and correctly.