What is a W 9 tax form? Only accurate data here

This tax-related paper is used by individuals or companies which employ freelancers to request their TIN and prepare the 1099-MISC on the basis of the provided data at the end of the tax year. That’s why W-9 is also referred to as Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.

How to get W 9 printable version

Government agencies provide US citizens and residents with the necessary blanks in two ways. The first way is by the official website of the Internal Revenue Service. Here you can download the doc as PDF, fill it out and send it to the requester.

The other way implies contacting the IRS on the phone (the number is 1-800-829-4933) and ordering a delivery of the blank to your address. The second way isn’t considered convenient since it might take up to ten business days to have your paper delivered.

Can I refuse to complete a form W-9

Now when you know what is a W9 tax form and how to get it, it’s important to learn why you can’t refuse to complete it if demanded. Wandering, can you refuse to complete a form W-9? A client has the right to withhold 28% of your earnings if you don’t fill out the document and report about it to the IRS. After this, you will get a penalty of $50 additionally per every case.